Mr Khing Chemistry Limited Edition Notes


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Mr Khing Chemistry Limited Edition Notes (119 pages)

Table of Contents

1 The Particulate Nature of Matter
2 Experimental Techniques
3 Atoms, Elements & Compounds
4 Stoichiometry
5 Electrolysis
6 Chemical Energetics
7 Chemical Reaction
8 Acids, Bases and Salts
9 The Periodic Table
10 Metals
11 Air and Water
12 Sulfur
13 Carbonates
14 Organic Chemistry
15 Definitions
16 Popular Questions & Answers...
Periodic Table


Author : Mr Khing

Checked by : Mr Sai Mun


Secrets to score A* in Chemistry

- full colour notes
- special teachers notes in b/w
- sample model answers
- teachers exam tips and tricks.
- A* techniques



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