IGCSE 24 Hours Learning – Y10 Mathematics

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1 year unlimited access

  • Topical past year teaching videos
  • Experienced tutor Mr.Hazim
  • Topical quizzes
  • Easy to access
  • Please contact: 012-6932896
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1 year unlimited access and money back guarantee

  • Topical past year papers discussions videos with step by step workings and explanations taught by experienced tutor Mr.Hazim
  • Past year papers discussed included:
    - 2019 May/June Paper 41
    - 2019 May/June Paper 42
    - 2019 May/June Paper 43
    - 2019 Oct/Nov Paper 42
  • Question by question discussions, students can always replay the videos to understand better
  • Each chapter contains 10 challenging multiple choices quizzes which help students to evaluate themselves
  • Students are able to login anytime, anywhere
  • Sneak peak of one of our teaching video:


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