Biology Limited Edition Notes


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Biology Limited Edition Notes (130 pages)

 - Characteristics and classification of living organism

 - Organisation of the organism

 - Movement in and out of cells

 - Biological molecules

 - Enzyme

 - Plant nutrition

 - Human nutrition

 - Transport in plants

 - Transport in animals

 - Diseases and immunity

 - Gas exchange in humans

 - Respiration

 - Excreation in humans

 - Coordination and response

 - Drugs

 - Reproduction

 - Inheritance

 - Variation and selection

 - Organisms and their environment

 - Biotechnology and genetic engineering

 - Human Influences on ecosystem


1st Edition : Zhi Yee

2nd Edition : Ms Joan Yuen

Producer : Mr. Sai Mun

Secrets to score A* in Biology

- full colour notes
- special teachers notes in b/w
- sample model answers
- teachers exam tips and tricks.
- A* techniques



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